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January 2006 RVC Column

(Written and posted 12/8/05)

Northwest Passages

RVC Column for January Newsletters in Region 8
by John Recht, Region 8 RVC

It's easy to become holidazed right about now. My wish for you at the end of the year is that you take care of yourself and your loved ones. Don't let the pressure of stress and the tsunami of time carry you away; try to connect with the joy of the present moment, and appreciate the gift of being here, right now. I plan to mark the passage of the current year and welcome the new year in the company of my beloved, Linda, and a number of close Mensa friends, and I will look forward to having the opportunity to be with you all at the wonderful Mensa events that we have planned for the coming year.

Okay, do you have your 2006 calendar at hand? There is a smorgasbord of informative and entertaining get togethers coming up in Region 8 in the coming months that I would like you to know about. First, on the weekend of February 24-26, 2006, there will be a Leadership Development Workshop in Sacramento, CA. Any Mensa member, from any local group, who wants to know more about how Mensa operates and who would like to develop leadership skills is welcome to attend. There is no registration fee for this event. Please contact Assistant RVC Debra Reiger at 916-456-4595 or by email at debra.reiger@earthlink.net for more information.

Next, I invite up to 170 lucky Mensans to join me in my home town of Portland, OR for the 2006 edition of Mind Games, from April 21-23. Mind Games is an incredible experience in which Mensans play, judge, and critique games for an entire weekend, and finally award the coveted Mensa Select seal to the top five. This is a national event and may not return to Region 8 for some time. Registration through January 31 is only $65, and you will find forms online at the National website at www.us.mensa.org. Come join in the fun!

One week after Mind Games, Oregon Mensa will hold their annual RG in Portland, OR, from April 28-30. BeaveRG IX promises to be another terrific get-together, and you'll find more information on the Oregon Mensa website at www.oregon.us.mensa.org.

Speaking of RGs, I want to congratulate San Francisco Regional Mensa for a fabulous event over the Thanksgiving weekend. RG Chair Erinn Height and her hard-working RG committee really put on the Ritz at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway, smack in the middle of San Francisco, and I am looking forward with pleasure to next year's edition.

With the World Gathering in Orlando, FL coming up in August, the Cosmology Colloquium in Albany, NY in October, and more Region 8 RGs planned for the fall in Sacramento, Seattle, and San Francisco, there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with your fellow Mensans in 2006. Hope to see you there! And to all of you, my best wishes for a joyful, healthy, and prosperous new year.