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November 2008 RVC Column

(Written and posted 10/8/08)

Northwest Passages

RVC Column for November Newsletters in Region 8
by John Recht, Region 8 RVC

What a blast! Northern Nevada Mensa showed 137 folks a terrific time in Reno last weekend at their first-ever Regional Gathering (RG). RG Chairs Ken and Anna Wright welcomed us to the Silver Legacy Casino, the site for the upcoming 2012 Annual Gathering (AG), and early indications are that we will have one terrific AG there as well. Ken and Anna and their volunteer staff pulled off their RG with panache, looking more like old hands than newbies as they offered unique and delightful tours ably led by Reno Ron Gendrich, who also smoothly guided us on one of his legendary pub crawls. The program was well executed and informative, and everyone loved the spectacular view of downtown Reno and the valley beyond from the 38th floor hospitality suite. It was an superb start, and I am looking forward to next year's RG already!

By the time you read this column, I will have just returned from another of Sacramento Regional Mensa's most excellent RGs as well. The intimate charm of their RG is hard to beat, and the friendly spirit of the group makes for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend every time. It's been said that your fellow Mensans are the family you wish you had had, and the Sacramento group certainly makes me feel that way. If you haven't experienced an RG in Sacramento yet, be sure and put it on your calendar for next year...you'll be glad you did.

Next on my itinerary will be the AMC meeting in Arlington, TX. I have given extensive coverage of our planning efforts in my recent columns, and I look forward to reporting on the results of our planning meeting in my December column. I will also be in San Francisco for their fabulous RG, Brilliance By the Bay, which is coming up Nov. 28-30. Details and a registration form are available at on San Francisco Regional Mensa's Web site at http://www.sfmensa.org/rg.html. Hope to see you there!