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September 2005 RVC Column

(Written and posted 8/5/05)

AMiCably Speaking

RVC Column for September Newsletters in Region 8
by John Recht, Region 8 RVC

The American Mensa Annual Gathering in New Orleans was, in a word, fabulous. Hurricane Dennis fortunately didn't crash the party, though the developing threat added an air of melodrama, and the storm in fact caused additional travel problems and expense for many of us in attendance.

Nevertheless, AG Chair Heather Miller and her committee provided us with superb hospitality, an excellent program, and a very memorable get-together. Many more GenX and Millenial Mensa members were in attendance at this year's AG than ever before, and it was very encouraging to see that our society is renewing itself through the vitality of new members of every age finding value and purpose in Mensa.

Now Orlando beckons, and it isn't too soon to make your plans for the World Gathering next August, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of Mensa. I encourage you to visit the World Gathering registration page on the American Mensa website today, and reserve your spot for yet another fabulous party along with thousands of your fellow Mensans from all over the world.

The American Mensa Committee meeting at the AG gave me little to report, as it was chiefly concerned with confirming the appointments of many of the national volunteers who serve on your behalf. I expect that there will be more substantive issues to report after the September meeting in Arlington, Texas.

A number of Mensa members in Region 8 received recognition at the Awards Luncheon at the AG, and I would like to note their achievements here. First, Dan Burg of Oregon Mensa and Scott Rainey of Oregon Mensa both received National Chair's Awards "for their superior service in support of the aims and purposes of the organization." Next, an Honorable Mention went to Mensa Alaska for the Innovative Owl, which is awarded in recognition of outstanding membership retention. An Honorable Mention also went to Danita Fleck of San Francisco Regional Mensa for the Abbie Proctor of the Year Award.

Region 8 was well represented among the top twenty recipients of the Culture Quest awards, which were the most popular based on the applause meter. The winners in our region were:

4th place, Team - Seattle Sweet Little Sixteen, Captain - Stephen Hafner,
Group - Mensa of Western Washington;

5th place (tie), Team - Brains-A-Roni: The Oakland Berkeley Team,
Captain - Bethany Williams, Group - San Francisco Regional Mensa;

16th place (tie), Team - San Francisco (Mental) Giants,
Captain - Elizabeth Rhein, Group - San Francisco Regional Mensa;

and 18th place (tie), Team - A Good Omen, Captain - Dan Burg,
Group - Oregon Mensa.

Congratulations to one and all!

Congratulations are also in order to San Francisco Regional Mensa as a group, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary. I look forward to joining SFRM to celebrate at the Brilliance by the Bay RG November 25-27, and I hope you will join us. Don't forget Sacramento Regional Mensa's Gold Country RG October 21-23, and Mensa of Western Washington's M'rald City RG, Ocotber 28-30...it's not too late for lots of RG fun this fall. And finally, remember that National Testing Day is October 22; if you know someone who you believe would qualify for Mensa, please let that person know that this would be an ideal time to join and be sure to tell him or her to check our national website at www.us.mensa.com for more information. Thanks for supporting our efforts to keep Mensa healthy and growing.