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January 2008 RVC Column

(Written and posted 12/7/07)

Northwest Passages

RVC Column for January Newsletters in Region 8
by John Recht, Region 8 RVC

Planning may not be very sexy, but it is one of the most important functions for any board of directors. The American Mensa Committee (AMC) in this term has made great strides to improve its planning process, and I am very gratified that the AMC has shown their confidence in me by appointing me chair of the Planning Committee. Either that, or else they just don't think I am very sexy. Nevertheless, I am happy to report that at the December AMC meeting, we adopted a set of short-term and long-term goals that will give us a framework for the planning process that is currently under development. Please stay tuned for more about this effort in the coming months, and as it goes along, you will be able to follow just how well we are doing toward accomplishing the goals we have set.

Speaking of sexy, as I write this, Linda and I are actually on our honeymoon. For that reason, and also to please all the newsletter editors in the region, I will keep this column short. In closing, then, I would like to remind you one more time about Mensa of Western Washington's Regional Gathering, EveRGreen 2008: Romp & Circumstances, on Feb. 15-17. Information and registration forms are available at www.mensaww.org/gather.htm. If you are fond of Texas Hold 'Em poker, don't miss the official Region 8 tournament on Friday night at the RG! In addition, I suggest that you register asap for Oregon Mensa's RG, which will be May 4-6; look on the home page at www.oregon.us.mensa.org for information and registration forms. And finally, it's definitely time to think about registering for the 2008 Annual Gathering In Denver from Jul. 2-6; you will find all the information you need at www.ag2008.us.mensa.org. To all of you, I send my best wishes for health and happiness in the new year, and I hope to see you at an event sometime soon!